I am a writer, filmmaker and software engineer who has called Silver Lake home since 2007, first near Lucile and Marathon, and currently near Sunset Junction. Inspired by national and international figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Jeremy Corbyn, I am running for Neighborhood Council as a progressive candidate.

If elected I will fight for tenant’s rights and for the rights of the unhoused in Silver Lake. I will work to protect our local businesses against unreasonable rent increases that lead to neighborhood institutions being replaced by national chains with no connection to Silver Lake.

I will work to revitalize Silver Lake’s artistic tradition by establishing a new music and arts festival by Silver Lakers, for Silver Lakers, with an emphasis on promoting local artists and avoiding the missteps and disrespect for the community that spelled the end of the Sunset Junction festival.

I will to work to create a Neighborhood Council for all who live in Silver Lake, or who are stakeholders in the community, by restoring the voting age for Neighborhood Council elections to 16, and expanding accessibility to voting beyond one physical location on one day.

I will fight to make our city, state and country better from the local level up, by whenever possible promoting polices that are pro-Medicare-for-All, anti-imperialism, pro-immigrant, pro-affordable-housing, and pro-living-wage.

Together we can make Silver Lake a model for a better, more genuinely progressive Los Angeles. I would appreciate your votes on April 6.

Please check back at this site soon for details on my positions, or use the form below to contact me directly.

Ryan M. Moore