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UPDATE 3/26/21

In light of the unconscionable destruction of the unhoused community at Echo Park Lake, and the unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters by LAPD acting on Mitch O’Farrell’s orders, I demand Mitch’s immediate resignation from his CD-13 seat. If elected to Neighborhood Council, I will call for a Vote of No Confidence in Councilman O’Farrell. I will call a hearing where those directly affected by Mitch’s destruction of the Echo Park Lake community and the subsequent LAPD brutality can speak on the record about their experiences. Mitch will also be invited to attend and tell his side of the story directly to the community, instead of hiding behind twitter and his PR team.


2021’s election will be entirely vote-by-mail. Please VISIT THIS PAGE TO REQUEST A BALLOT (first create an account, then you will be directed to the ballot request form). Alternatively, you can print and return this form via the methods listed on it.

I am running as a Region 5 candidate. You must be a stakeholder (live, work, own property, etc.) in region 5 (approximately from Effie St. on the North, Hoover on the West, Edgecliffe on the East, and Bellevue Park on the south). See the map below for exact boundaries.


My name is Ryan; I’m a Democratic Socialist and I’ve lived in Silver Lake since 2007.

In L.A. today, we have vast homelessness encampments and an epidemic of evictions, yet Mitch O’Farrell, Eric Garcetti and most of the rest of our city government are bought by corporate real estate interests, and their only “solution” for the unhoused is cruel sweeps that destroy lives and hurt all of us by spreading Covid-19. Silver Lake in particular continues to be gentrified, pushing out long-term residents and businesses, with many residential buildings (including the one I live in) being bought by Blackstone, a company so massive the United Nations cited it as a contributor to the global housing crisis.

The LAPD continues to be a massively-overfunded, racist and oppressive enterprise, consuming over half of the city’s budget, even in a time of crisis. In return, they abuse and kill our fellow Angelenos in our name, then spend even more of our tax dollars settling lawsuits triggered by their brutality.

Under these circumstances, I come to you not with a vague list of “values,” but to say: Things must change, and we the people must change them, starting at the local level, by any means necessary, and by any means possible.

What change can actually be affected by a body like the Neighborhood Council, which lacks actual legislative power? Let’s find out.

Ryan M. Moore